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We have been providing bail bond services for over 16 years to thousands of clients with all of them being satisfied clients making us a successful company for bail bonds nationwide. stuckinjailWe get it done quickly to avoid any stress as much as possible in any situation. *FEDERAL BONDS *STATE BONDS *APPEAL BONDS *TRANSFER BONDS *SENTENCING BONDS

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    Bail bond companies take cash as payment, generally in advance of service. However, paying for a bail bond with a credit card may be the most convenient form of payment for the client and the bondsman. Paying by credit card is the quickest way to expedite the bail process and thereby get the defendant out of jail faster.

    Bail Bond Information

    WHAT IS A BAIL BOND? Bail is the monetary guarantee required by the Court in order to release a Defendant from custody and to guarantee his or her appearance in Court as the Court directs. Once a bail bond is posted and the Defendant is released, it then becomes the Bail Bonding Agency's responsibility for that Defendant's appearance in Court. stuckinjail1If the Defendant fails to comply with the conditions set by the Court then warrants are issued and the bail bond forfeited. The Courts will then demand full value of the bond from the bail bond agency. The bail bond agency then will do whatever is necessary to return the Defendant to custody in order to recover their costs.