Payment Plan Options

Payment Plan Options




As bondsmen, one of the first questions our clients ask when they call us is: “How fast can you get my [son, daughter, husband, wife, sibling, partner, friend or co-worker, etc.] out of jail?

Our answer is always the same: Very fast – because we provide the fastest bail bond service anywhere in the United States.

We can even help you with bail online. 

We’ve streamlined the bail bonds process by providing our clients with ability to complete bail bonds online by email or by fax, and by accepting all major credit cards – no matter where our clients are or what time of the day or night it is. 

We have a bail bond application that is easy to understand and fill out. It literally only takes you minutes to do so. With our method of posting bail, you won’t have to go out in the middle of the night or take time off from work.

It can all be handled online from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, with the added benefit of the fastest release from jail.

To speak with a licensed bondsman about immediate bail service, please call 1-813-228-7354 .

Easy Steps to Bail Bonds Online by Email or Fax:

  1. Call us at 1-813-228-7354
  2. We’ll explain the bail bond process and answer all of your questions.
  3. When you’re ready, we’ll email or fax you our simple online bail bond forms that are specifically customized for your bond. You will receive these documents online almost immediately in a PDF file or by fax. All you have to do is fill out basic information and provide your credit card information and fax it back. This generally takes clients about ten (10) minutes.
  4. We will post the bail.The jail will release the defendant. It’s that simple.

The Bail Documents

We will either email of fax you the bail documents - it's your choice.

If you receive them by email, it will be in a “PDF” format. Most computers come with Adobe Reader already loaded so you can instantly open this document. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download Adobe Reader for free in a simple process that also only takes minutes.

Fill out the basic, but required information.


Returning the Bail Paperwork

After the paperwork is filled out, and you have signed it for your own protection, you can fax it back or scan it and return it to us by email.

The instructions, email address and toll-free fax number will be included on a cover sheet for your convenience.



A licensed bondsman is happy to answer all your questions and help you.



What to Expect From Us

You will receive from us:

  • A Cover Letter details easy instructions for filling out the paperwork and faxing back to us. It also includes our contact information.
  • The Bail Bond Application is required by law. We must collect basic information about the contract signer and the defendant
  • The Bail Bond Contract is a legal document that has been approved by the Florida Department of Insurance. All Florida bail bond companies use the same contract, the language of which has not been changed in over fifty years.
  • A Receipt will outline the full bail bond fee and credits based on the amount you are paying. If you are making payment arrangements for bail, they will also be listed on the receipt. Please sign this and return a copy.
  • The Credit Card Authorization gives us permission to authorize and charge your card.
  • We include a request for Identification and Credit Card Copies for your protection.

All information submitted to our office is kept strictly confidential. It is only reviewed by the licensed, professional bondsman who works directly with you.


We're Here For You Online or In Person

Our unique blend of personal, hands-on service and Internet technology provides the fastest and most efficient service to people who have a family member, loved one or friend.


Of course, if you prefer to work with a bondsman in person, right from the start, we have that option available to you.


For further information about Florida bail bonds online and the bail services we provide, please feel free to call us 24/7, including weekends and holidays at 1-813-228-7354.



The primary thing on most people's minds when they hear a loved one has been arrested is "How can I afford to get them out of jail?"  Depending on the nature of the crime a person is accused of, bail can range from only a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  Most people lack that kind of cash so paying the entire bail amount is out of the question. 



For over 20 years, Blanding Bail Bonds Agency has helped people find a way to get their friends or loved ones out of jail.  Blanding Bail Bonds has several payment options to help you choose the best one that suits your individual situation to ensure your loved one gets out of jail as quickly as possible. 



Generally, payment options are determined by the amount of money required to post bail.  Our bail agents will interview the individual for information on the person the bail is required as well as the person(s) who will co-sign as an Indemnitor on the bail agreement should the individual be unable to post the amount needed for the premium.  Payment options vary, but are usually determined on a case-by-case basis.Avoiding extended incarceration can prove an expensive undertaking.  Let our qualified and compassionate bail agents assist you in creating a payment plan that will ensure your loved one's fast release and keep you out of the poorhouse




With a credit card payment, bail bond payment and paperwork can be completed by email or fax.

Additional Information

Clients are surprised to find that they can arrange bail without coming to the office. This convenience helps them avoid going out late at night or taking time off work to complete the bail contract process. Paying for a bail bond by credit card often is the best option for parents of college students or anyone who lives far away. 

Sometimes, a bail bond can also be paid with a check. Often this depends on credit score.


No-Interest Bail Financing


For some families, even 10% of the bail amount presents a financial challenge. 

Some clients either don't have a credit card or a large enough credit line to pay the bail bond fee.  Some bail companies offer payment plan options to clients, and a few charge interest on bail payments.  Look for an agent who offers interest-free bail financing, and make sure you know exactly what you're agreeing to before you sign.

You don't have to have a perfect credit to qualify for a payment plan. Generally, you need to have credit and use it responsibly. Several factors come into play for determining a payment plan: length of residency, employment and arrest history, ability to make payments and other factors. 

When you work with a bail bondsman to arrange a payment plan, be realistic about your budget.  Don't offer to pay $500 per month when you can only afford $250.  The bail bond company will require you to make a down payment that represents a commitment to pay the remainder of the fee. 

What's most important is that the client demonstrates a serious attitude about the situation.  If the person charged fails to appear in court, then the individual who signed the bail contract is liable for the entire bail amount.  Never agree to bail someone out if you think that person may not return to court.


Real Estate Liens and Collateral Bonds


When collateral is required for a bail bond, it is most often taken in the form of a real estate lien on California property.  Generally all owners of the property must sign the lien and the property should have equity.

Clients often use a real estate lien when the bail is a high-dollar amount - $100,000 or more.  It may also be necessary if the person has one or more high-risk factors: few ties to the community, short work history, or other such extenuating circumstances. 

A real estate lien provides additional incentive for the person arrested to return to court.  The person knows that the family member who signed the bail contract has put his or her house on the line and could lose the property if the defendant skips bail.

The law requires the bail bond company to return all collateral and release all liens when completed.

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